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Survive Solely On Air and Energy- “A Year Without Food” eBook Review


Life without food is one situation, but without a beverage is a totally different. Its hard to imagine living life free of the two and still have the strength to make it to the next day. A Year Without Food by Rae Maor is about a spiritual journey sought after by the author himself.

Maor did not begin his journey or write this book so others could follow in his path. The journey began so he could place himself on a specific spiritual path. Beginning this type of journey could be difficult for some, but with belief almost anything is possible.

Over a span of eight days Rae Maor only relied upon the energy of the sun, and his surroundings. No food, no water, constant blood checks, and it was all televised. The book explains in depth the spiritual and scientific research the author and doctors both documented.

This is an inexpensive good read for those who seek spiritual and expert education. It is possible for someone to not eat or drink and still have high energy from their natural surroundings.


The Knowledge of the Gods eBook Review- Traveling Through Meditation

Visiting places you have been in the past, then traveling to places others believe are impossible only happens to those who have a true gift. Author of The Knowledge of the Gods, is one person who has been granted the opportunity to help others with the knowledge passed on to her from the gods.


Where Does Meditation Lead To?

People meditate for multiple reasons, and my personal favorite is to relieve stress. The author of this book chose to meditate for other reasons, but did not realize where meditation could actually take her. Once a person has a pure heart, mind, and body they are able to reach a higher level of meditation that others cannot believe.

Channeling The Gods

In order to reach the god through channeling, a person must have faith and believe. The traveler of this book believed, and through her meditation she was able to meet not one, but two gods. The first was Amun, who is very well known through history as the god of love. The second is not as popular, but Michael is one who has walked on earth just like all of us, and surprisingly left this earth in the 80’s.

Learning From A Higher Power

It is common for people to overlook what has been placed directly in front of them. The gods want their followers to recognize, but if the person is not pure they will never see. The gods explain this to the author, and show her what she needs to share with everyone so the world can continue to flourish.

Love, Aliens, & Masonry

Love is the power that Amun holds, and he shared this with everyone who surrounded him. Everything he knew was passed down to another, and the author channeling him only brings more knowledge to the people of our land. Aliens are also a part of this land, and the author goes into depth explaining what an alien truly is. It is explained, we cannot live without them, and we should welcome them instead of denying them privileges to our land. We learn from them and they learn from us, allowing masonry, trading, and developmental skills to combine and create something new and improved.

Reality Or Fantasy?

The author writes about her experience with the gods, and only wants to lead others to the right direction. Only people who believe in higher powers can accept this story, and use what has been passed down to make this world better. Those who believe the channeling was a fantasy, can only hope that science will continue to make the world better before it is completely destroyed.

People Speak 4 eBook- Setting The Truth Free

Chaim Walder has once again let the truth unravel, making this the latest of four series collection of People Speak. This time readers have the opportunity to receive a few words from wise men and women who have faced difficult times, but through faith overcame.

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Letters To The Rabbi

The collection of books that have been written by Walder are so meaningful because he is a rabbi. Not just any rabbi, but one who aims to give others multiple reasons to be thankful. The stories in People Speak 4 all come from letters that have been selected by Walder, and written by people who gain complete prosperity once the reveal them truth.

26 Unbelievable Letters

Never should there be a time when a person will experience something the same exact way as another. This is shown in the letters written to Walder. Some of the stories are hilarious, while others may have you feeling like”did that really happen.” Regardless if the letter writer to Walder was a younger or older adult, each of their stories were written to touch someone else’s life.

A Language Defined

While reading this book there is a chance some words and phrases will not be known, because the storytellers are either speaking Yiddish, Hebrew, or Aramaic. The meaning of these unknown words are described in a glossary for a truly definitive reading session.

eBook & Paperback Copies

There is more than one way to read this extension to the People Speak collection. Purchasing series four as an ebook is an option with low cost, and you can read the book on almost any device. The second option is purchasing a hard copy. This option is for individuals who like reading the traditional way, and collecting books on physical shelves.