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Kitchen Duties Appear Effortless With ShoppeWave’s Julienne Peeler & Slicer

Everyone I know dreads heading into the kitchen to prepare unpackaged meals because it takes extremely too much time. They have to peel, cut, and slice all natural ingredients used. The dual julienne peeler and slicer ends the instant headache, which arrives when a person begins thinking about creating a wholesome snack or meal.


Dual Sided For Multiple Tasks

Shopping has to be thought out in order for a person to benefit from their purchase, even when buying kitchen utensils. A two sided tool with blades is always better than having to search for multiple tools. One bladed side is a vegetable peeler, which makes removing acidic skins of fruits and vegetables a breeze. The second side of the utensil is the famous julienne peeler, which cuts any fruit or vegetable into evenly proportionate slices.

Remove Bruises Or Get Fancy

When produce has not been handled properly the products can easily bruise and can make tasks in the kitchen more difficult. With this tool you no longer have to keep digging and cutting out imperfections with a knife. There is a sharp eyer on both sides to easily remove imperfections without grabbing another tool from the kitchen drawer. The eyers are different sizes, and can be used to create fancy fruit designs.

Fast & Easy To Use

The amount of time an individual spends in the kitchen preparing meals will shorten drastically with a stroke of the julienne peeler and slicer. Made with stainless steel for a sleek, but sophisticated look in your kitchen, and it fits comfortably in the grasp of your hand. Cleaning is easy as well, just put it in the dishwasher and press start.

ShoppeWave makes peeling and slicing easier by adding a free gift. Anyone who buys this product from Amazon receives a free veggie recipe ebook. With this book, the healthy meals that were once a hassle to make can now be created in a short amount of time.


Affordable With A Warranty

Experience proves, as soon a a products warranty has ended the product fails. This goes for everything that is expensive or low cost. ShoppeWave’s Julienne Peeler & Slicer is under ten dollars, and includes a lifetime warranty. This is an amazing buy. The buyer wins when they receive four kitchen tools compressed into one with comfort, low cost ,  style,  an ebook, and lifetime warranty.


Whiskey Rounders Transforms Ice Making and Simplifies Rounded Baking

Who made the rule that ice has to be made in a cubed tray? The designer of the ice tray is a genius, but in the 21st century people want their ice  to be unique and make a statement. Receiving Whiskey Rounders ice molds helped me escape the usual and turned my refreshments into a artistically displayed beverage.


Why The Name Whiskey Rounders?

Everyone who drinks liquor does not like their alcoholic drink straight. Personally, I like my drinks on the rocks, and majority of the time with chaser. Those who drink straight liquor often choose straight because they do not want a watered down beverage. The round ice mold outlasts any traditional ice cubes, so the drinker can continuously enjoy the flavor of their drink. We all know that liquor does not freeze and will melt ice immediately, but I have tested this product. It works!


More Than Whiskey Ice Spheres

Made with BPA Free FDA Food Grade Silicone, these sphere molds can do more than just sit inside of the freezer. They can be used to make scrumptious desserts like cake or jello balls. Just remember, placing them in heated areas above 460° Fahrenheit will cause them to melt. Silicone used to make this product is soft and flimsy, so when using in the oven be sure to have a non silicone baking sheet underneath for extra protection.

Steps To Make Ice Balls

If directions provided by Whiskey Rounders are followed properly, clear and perfectly rounded ice spheres can be created. There are seven parts to this molding tray; the bottom tray itself and six silicone molding lids. Each lid must be placed on top of the tray making sure to insert six little notches in place. Once the molds are completely together, a favorite beverage (non-alcoholic) can be poured into the top hole until the designated fill line has been reached. Regardless if fruits or garnishes have been added, the fill line will remain the same. Lift the tray from the bottom, place it in the freezer, double check to ensure notches are secure, and freeze for about five hours.

Viola! Rounded Ice

The rounded ice straight from the freezer can be difficult to remove from the molds. Waiting at least five minutes will allow the ice to thaw for effortless removal. When family and friends come over they will be amazed by their artsy drink, and will want tips on how they can make their own. Amazon was were mine came from, and I tell everyone if they choose to buy Whiskey Rounders do not look at the price, but the quality of a product with multiple uses.