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Advanced Green Tea Supplement With 5 Amazing Benefits

Healthy living is the goal everyone should seek, but sometimes the body needs an extra natural boost. Advanced Green Tea Extract from ZenWise Labs has a beneficial blend of ingredients to get energy flowing and assist in lowering cholesterol.


Inside The Bottle

Packaging can be as fancy as it wants to be, but its what is inside that matters most. There is no egg, soy, milk, meat, wheat, shellfish, and its gluten free. The capsule itself is crafted from vegetable cellulose.

Active Ingredients In The Capsule

Vitamin C and green tea are the main to natural ingredients for this product. The two combined creates a whirlwind of benefits including weight loss, lower health risk, and increased energy.


Protection Against Free Radicals

Abnormal cells that injure , mutate, and cause illness are called free radicals. The body needs assistance to eliminate the growth of these cells and Vitamin C blended with green tea doubles antioxidant protection.

Perfect Amount Of Energy

Too much energy can cause an unexpected crash, which is unhealthy and could possibly damage nerves. ZenWise Labs uses decaffeinated extract to craft this amazing supplement. A technique as such allows the user to have sustained levels of energy to use exercising or to burn excess fat.

Lower High Cholesterol Risk

Those who do not exercise, eat unhealthy, smoke, or have a large figured body are all at a top riskers for high cholesterol. With this special blend the risk for having a heart attack is lowered by taking one vegan friendly vegetable cellulose capsule twice per day.