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Does Dalia Know Every Secret?- “Day Use” eBook Review

Dalia loses her spouse, but a mystery she cannot solve is what caused his death; or is he still alive? After losing her husband she is stuck in a less organized optimistic: life that is open for anything to happen including managing a motel, and providing her story of Day Use.


A Widowed Housewife

Dalia Rosenfeld is a mother of two beautiful children, a loving wife, and someone who is about to find out what really happens behind closed doors. Her husband Kobi is snatched away from her daily routine, leaving her drugged and confused about what path to take. She knows how to make a living from her artwork, but something pulls her towards working with an old fling.

High Class Day Use

Everyone who enters the day use motel has their personal reasons. Most are high ranking figures of the city who are seeking a few hours of fun, while others use it as a place to get away when they are visiting. Those who come for pleasure sometimes find themselves in situations where they cannot for the life of them resolve themselves.

Leaving The Front Desk

Certain circumstances call for Dalia to leave the front desk and witness things she could not believe where happening. Individuals planning to scam the motel so they can continue living lavishly, is a common problem she has to overcome. Other than doing her best to keep the guests happy, when she leaves her desk the most interesting details of her story unfold.

What Happened To Kobi?

For Dalia it becomes easy to read people when they are in her presence. She knows what they are conjuring in their brains, and is already prepared for the outcome. Kobi has left her as a widow for years now, and she still does not have a clue to what caused his sudden death. Well, people have been keeping theirs eyes on her, and she is closer than she knows to finding out what caused him to be snatched from their routine marriage and family.

A Happy Ending?

The end of this story is a shocker! Dalia finds the answers she seeks, and love is once again in the air. The death of her husband left her confused for some time, but she was not the only widow who was seeking answers. Once Dalia is snatched away from her day everything unravels. Finally she and Kobi can have peace and happiness even though they will never be together again.