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5 Reasons Quickly To Download eBook “People Speak 7”

People Speak 7 by Chaim Walder brings hidden stories to life through every chapter. Each letter written has a meaning and a lesson to be learned.


Trust The Rabbi

When people have something weighing the spirits down it is best to have someone to talk about it with. Conversations do not need to be faced to face, and this book is proof. People have written multitudes of letters to Rabbi Walder to confess a sin or release a story only a select few know the truth about.

A Language All Can Understand

People Speak 7 was first published in Hebrew, but since has been translated into six languages. For those who are not familiar with Hebrew, Yiddish, or Armaic reading the book entirely may at first seem difficult. There is a glossary located on the back for a few Jewish terms scattered throughout the heartwarming readings.

Relate To Personal Similarities

The true authors of this book are the people who muster up the courage to write the confessing letters. Readers can relate, because they to have kept a secret to themselves. Stories range from a disastrous to wonderful wedding day, consequences of a petty thief, and secret money laundering. There is enough joy in this book to bring of smile of happiness and belief to readers.

No Sadness, Only Tears of Joy

Reading something that provides no meaning is worthless to a persons time and life. If a person is having a bad day they can read a chapter or two in this book and finally have a smile on their face, and as they read the sadness lifted from another person heart tears of joy may pour by understanding any circumstance can be defeated.

An Unbeatable Price

Paperback books can be extremely expensive, but downloading a book drastically reduces the price. The entire ebook collection of Walder’s People Speak can be purchased at a low cost. This one specifically is now only 99¢ at the Amazon Kindle store.