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Lavender Or Peppermint Essential Oils For The Home And Body

Essential oils are used to treat assist in alleviating health issues and also to give the home a distinct fragrance. The oils can be found in a variety of aromas and they are created when the oils are extracted from natural plants. There are many companies who create essential oils, but not all companies create 100% pure essential oils like InstaNatural makes their essential oils.


Who Is InstaNatural?

The company behind these wonderful smelling essential oils that offer multiple benefits is located in the sunny state of Florida. They are dedicated in producing natural and organic skin and home care products. None of the products created by this company have harmful substances such as parabans, alcohol, and sulfates. The best part about the essential oils is each one is extracted from one single ingredient. InstaNatural stands by their products and offer a lifetime 100% guarantee to each of their customers.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Mentha Piperita herbs are used to extract the beneficial oils needed to craft this product. To preserve the freshness of the oils,  InstaNatural uses a steam distilled process. Peppermint essential oil has an abundance of uses. This product can be used to open sinuses, freshen the home, or a few drops can be used in bath water to relieve body aches. During the warmer seasons this oil can also be used as a bug repellant by simply adding a few drops around the outside of the home, or completely diluting the oil and using it as a spray.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavendula Officinalis is the plant used to make the sweet floral smelling lavender essential oil. This oil has just as many uses as the peppermint oil, but the smells are totally opposite. The peppermint oil offers energy, while the lavender is specifically made to calm and relax. The lavender oil is perfect for new mothers who have a difficult time getting their baby to sleep, the best way to get them to sleep peacefully through the night is to add a drop or two in their window sills.


More Than Aromatherapy

Most people will use the essential oils just to make their home have a natural smell, but do not know the other benefits of using them. If the oil is used for anything other than aromatherapy it must be properly diluted so it does not cause harm to ones skin.


“Abigail And The Tropical Island Adventure” Teaches Children To Open Their Imagination And Explore

There are not many children book authors that can write to educate children, and also show them how to have fun. Tali Carmi is an author who provides both to her readers with illustrations that help children identify exactly what they are reading about. Abigail is an imaginative red-haired little girl who knows how to turn a boring day into one that is filled with fun and knowledge.

children book

What Can a Rainy Day Lead to?

Everyone knows that rainy days seem to take the fun out of a person, especially a child. They want to go outside and play, but the weather does not allow them to participate in outside activities. Abigail experiences one of those rainy days, and began to think about places where it does not ever rain, in Abigail And The Tropical Island Adventure

A Magical Bicycle

Most children are not yet capable to drive cars, so their best means of transportation is their imagination and a bike. Abigail has both, and her bike is one that she cherishes since she found it in her grandparents garage. Her grandfather was an inventor who was able to pass a large amount of his knowledge to her, which makes it easier for her to explore places her imagination takes her.

An Island With A Different Culture

The island where Abigail finds herself is filled with adventure and new objects she never heard of before. She was able to learn about the creatures of the sea, and the different types of foods that islanders eat that come from the ocean. Even the clothes worn are different, but they are suitable for the climate and culture of the tropical islanders.

Helping Others Equals Success

Abigail dodged the rainy weather at her home, and barely missed the horrible storm that caused power outages at the tropical island. The power outages almost caused Abigail’s new friend Lelei to not enjoy the festivities her friends and family planned for her birthday. Luckily, the bicycle that Abigail found in the garage had pedals that were ready to turn, and she was able to save the party by restoring the electricity.

Stop Buying Teething Rings And Switch To Amber

For ages people have been buying all types of teething rings to ease their child’s pain. There are rings that must be frozen first, then there are others the child can chew on anytime. The problem is, there are so many germs everywhere, so do you really want your child to put a teething ring in their mouth that has been dropped on the floor several times.

To avoid your baby ingesting germs in their tiny systems, try an amber teething necklace. I tried this necklace on my nephew while he was teething, and his mother was very pleased with the results. She did not have to continuously wash a teething ring, and his crying from the pain became minimal.

So what is in these beads that keeps the baby from crying? Amber is fossilized resin that originated form extinct coniferous trees. The resin is hard, lightweight, and is yellowish brown or brown. Amber is said to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce fever, pain, and drooling for teething infants.


You heard right! “Reduce fever, pain, and drooling,” so this means the parent will still have to give their child pain relievers during the first few days. Also, many children are not used to wearing necklaces, which means during the first the 3-4 days the parent may have to monitor the child to ensure he/she is not trying to take the necklace of and place it inside of their mouth.

Teething rings can get expensive, because parents are constantly buying new ones every time their child starts teething. The money saved buying this necklace, will allow the parent to buy the child a new toy or take them on a vacation.

Like I mentioned earlier my nephew tried the necklace, which means it is unisex. The prices can vary from $10-$40, but the money will be well spent on a product which is natural and germ free for your baby.