Only One Person Can Tell This Story: “The Moon Was My Witness” eBook Review

Telling a story that describes a persons life is one thing, but the story is harder to tell others when a person loses everything and person they ever knew or loved. The Moon Was My Witness is the life story of Abraham Levy, and he holds nothing back when he tells how the Nazi’s tried to end his entire families resistance.


Before Reading Know This

Books are either fiction or nonfiction, and if a person has never heard of an occurrence this does not make it a made up story. People endure trials and tribulations in life, but it  is up to them to choose a successful path. This book is a true story that will possibly brings tears to an individual’s eyes or cause there stomach to turn in disgust.  During the time period of this story Germans ruled the authors home and destinations; after they were defeated not many were left or had the courage to express their emotions as this author.

Taken From The Lioness

Levy describes how he was forced away from his mother at only the age of eight. He doesn’t know exactly what happened to all of his family members, but he does remember his mother fighting like a lioness to protect her only cubs. They could hear the Germans approaching closer to them, and there was no way to escape. At such a young age Abraham had to suddenly become a man, so he would not have to face a ruthless death like his other family members.

Eat Or Become A Musalman

The survivors of the Nazi rule were those who had muscles, strength, and endurance to overcome their daily challenges. At a young age Abraham had to show he had strength of a man or face his death. Those who were in concentration camps were given bread, but there are those who fiened for a cigarette puff and traded their food. The bread supplied nutrients for the body, while cigarettes only made one weaker. Musalmans were those who chose the cigarette instead of trying to make their body stronger with food for their next obstacle in life.

Sabotaging A Commanders Motorcycle

No person who has sabotaged a commanders vehicle has lived to tell their story, except Abraham. When he accidentally made this mistake it was an immediate regret. Abraham was only a teenager, but because he was strong had earned the an advancement to work in the car workshop. Someone gave him the duty to clean the S.S. commanders motorcycle, and he was left looking death in the face again. It was an honest mistake of an uneducated child, but Abraham’s destiny laid in the hands of the commander only.

Someone Saved Him Again

He didn’t die, but their were more trials he had to face after speaking to the S.S. commander with his eyes. The Russians began freeing those in concentration camps, but this was another test of only the strong survive. Muscles did not mean a thing, because those Abraham looked up to were not strong enough to make it. No matter the day, someone died, and if they survived the Germans were trying to trick them so they could face death. People were shot, starved, and then poisoned, but luckily there was a higher power who decided Abraham’s fate.

A Soul Crushing Trip Down Memory Lane

Abraham suffered during his younger years and some of his adulthood, but through it all he survived. He was able to once again see the home were all his family once lived, but was not able to enter. He remembers every day as if it were yesterday. Yet and still there is no way to bring back those he lost. The Nazi reign ended years ago, but it takes a strong minded person to relive the memories that stir around in Abraham’s mind. He had courage and strong belief that he could survive, and by writing this book he informs, everyone he knew is now gone and the moon is his only witness.


Drink Organic Suja Essentials: Get Two Free Bottles

Sometimes days can be so hectic causing most people to forget to give themselves the nutrients needed for their body to function normally. If a person does not eat, they will find a way to drink something, and the best drink is one not filled with sugars, but full or organic fruits and vegetables like Suja juices.

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Essential Nutrients & Vitamins

Juices and smoothies made from only natural and organic ingredients. Every flavor is loaded with vegetables and fruits, which will only make the body stronger.Mango Magic is part of the Suja Essentials line.  There are six ingredients used to create this creamy, non dairy, and sugar free refreshment:

  • Apple juice
  • Mango puree
  • Orange juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Banana puree
  • Ginger juice

The ginger offers a unique flavor, which can remind one of the taste of ginger in their favorite snack. Don’t worry about calories because this twelve ounce bottle only had 220 calories of pure goodness. There are ten other flavors to choose from in the essentials line-up, all derived from a unique process.

Crafting A Nutritious Drink

Almost every drink individuals purchase from stores have been filled with artificial flavors, sugars, and pathogens to keep the refreshment fresh and tasty. Suja does not follow this process. Every delicious drop of these juices and smoothies are created through a cold pressure process. This process does not use heat which destroys minerals, enzymes, and vitamins the human body craves.

Reducing Health Risks

Even those who are physically fit need to continuously add nutritious snacks and beverages to their daily diet. The human body works endlessly, and it needs its owners support. Juices and purees of your favorite fruits and veggies make the body stronger.  Remembering the saying,  “An apple per day keeps the doctor away,” will inspire one to try one of the many Suja flavors that has apple as a leading simple ingredient.

Everyone Can Enjoy

Adults are not the only ones who can indulge in the fruitiness; children will enjoy and benefit from this drink as well. It offers more flavor and essential vitamins their little bodies need compared to artificial flavored drinks. They can also learn how good the vegetables they try to avoid really are.

Simple organic and natural ingredients, with no diary makes this a drink both vegan lovers and those allergic to dairy can happily enjoy.

Non-Organic Price

Let’s be honest. People avoid buying natural and organic products because they cost more. Even though they know it’s healthier, they cannot step outside of their budget to drink organic. Suja prices their drinks so everyone can enjoy California freshness. The juices and smoothies can be purchased for under $4 when bought separately, and the company even has daily and weekly diet plans that come at an affordable price.


Become A Superfood Drink Winner 

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Save Money From Laser Wrinkle Treatments With This Clarigenics Serum

Wrinkles cause the face to appear droopy and saggy. Some will pay extreme costs  for laser treatments, while others seek a natural option to bring back youthful looking skin. Clarigenics Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a natural option that offers only pure ingredients, and has enough goodness packed in a small bottle with an exclusive price.


Laser Procedures Vary

Removal of skin wrinkles with laser treatment is popular for those who have an imaginary money tree in their backyard. If a person received this treatment they are at risk of appearance damaging side effects. The cost for laser wrinkle removal ranges from just below $1,000 rising to $10,000. If the surgery does not show the planned results, buyers have to pay extra money to have someone else correct the cosmetic surgery disaster.

Natural Hyaluronic Acid

The goal is to put as many nutrients in the body as possible, so a long healthy life can be experienced. Hyaluronic acid is a carbohydrate that is produced in the human body, but can also be taken from supplements and foods. Clarigenics serum has a host of ingredients that offer their nutrients to make skin glow with a youthful appearance. It is ninety-eight percent natural, and seventy-two percent organic.

Put On The First Drop

So the product can be applied easily and with no mess, there is an easy twist off dropper. Squeezing the top allows the dropper the fill with the light, and clear gelish serum . Gently rub on a very thin coat of the serum, then relax while it dries for roughly 2-3 minutes. A thick moisturizer should be used after the serum completely dries, because hyaluronic acid locks in moisture and dries the skin.


Naturally Lower Cost

Shopping online allows a person to explore multiple price options, pros, and cons of items before making a purchase. Amazon has this miraculous serum for under $30, saving 69% of the actual cost. The 30 ml bottle will last longer than laser wrinkle removal, and comes at an extremely lower cost.

Skin deserves the chance to relive its youthful years. There are multiple ways to achieve wrinkle free skin, but it is best to have one that lasts and is budget friendly. Clarigenics Hyarulonic Acid Serum is a healthy, low cost way to remove wrinkles and add nutrients back into the body.

“The Healthy Me Team” Fights For Natural Energy In Every Child

Yummy vitamins and minerals are teamed up in this book for little growing minds. They are fighting against the delicious, but unhealthy sugars and proteins found in candies and ice cream that are desired by children of all ages. They also have to overcome the effects sugars and  proteins have on a little body.

download (3)

One minute a child can be bouncing from wall to wall, then the next thing you know they do not having the energy for anything except telling parents how bad their stomach hurts. While other children are continuously playing outside, an unhealthy eating child has to rest, while the strongest of their vitamin and mineral intake are in the middle of a heated battle.

Surprisingly The Healthy Me Team were the winners. One of the broccoli florets or crispy apples the child ate earlier, still had vitamins and minerals to destroy the evil team of sugars and proteins. The fruits and veggies have natural sugars that allow clean and healthy energy.

Children will enjoy this book, because it is a good against bad battle. They will enjoy seeing the good becoming victorious, and will want to know ways to defeat sugars and proteins in their body.  There are multiple illustrations included, and is easy to follow for new readers.

Natural Ingredient Recipes Which Inspire Healthy Living: “Clean Food Diet” eBook Review

Recipe books are always fun to read, and when the recipes within are nutritional and created with natural ingredients individuals can benefit. This book includes recipes for lunch, evening, and dessert. Some recipes include pictures so the chef can have an idea of the finished product, but all of them list the nutritional value of the delicious entree.

download (1)

Let’s Talk Benefits

Every product bought as a grocery item is always better when its fresh. Pre-packaged and processed foods have been pumped with synthetics and pathogens.  These processed foods may taste delicious, but they have a terrible effect on the body. Natural fruits, herbs, and vegetables keep the vitamins locked tight inside, unlike foods with pathogens that destroy the goodies stored in foods eaten.

What Does Clean Food Diet Offer?

Are you ready for recipes? If so, this is the right book! There are fifty-two recipes to suit any and every taste bud. Before the author, Jonathan Vine, begins telling you healthy meal secrets, he informs the reader of why clean eating is important. He also informs of the proper way to start this diet, making sure people are physically and mentally ready to make a life change.

Fast Dishes, Low Calories

The bonus if this book is keeping track of what is going inside the body.  Nutritional information is provided for the chef, so they know how many calories, carbs, fat, and protein is in the dish per serving. People who keep track of the calorie intake are less likely to find themselves as health risks.

This book has recipes that look delicious, and from reading this book can only make life better. It is very easy to read, and is an awesome ebook to have stored in your kindle library.

Truly Radiant From Arm & Hammer Gives More Of A Reason To Smile

Trying a different toothpaste brand can be difficult, especially if you have been accustomed to one particular brand for a number of years. I review free products from Smiley360 , in exchange for testing and an honest opinion; they sent a brand I had not tried in ten year. Arm & Hammer created their Truly Radiant line to assist in cleaning, whitening, and strengthening a person’s entire smile, and I have more positive than negative results.


Ingredients Fighting & Quick Results

Foods that are consumed on a daily basis are the cause of the problems associated with our mouths. Bacteria continues to grow in the mouth when people do not brush properly, often, or because they are not using the right products. Fluoride and baking soda are the two ingredients that make Truly Radiant shine. Baking soda is only used in the toothpaste, but fluoride is used in the mouth rinse.

Tastebuds Noticing The Difference

The flavored toothpaste was not my favorite taste, but my mouth did feel cleaner than with my original toothpaste. The baking soda flavor is very strong, and lasts for 3 hours. Even with the tasty soothing mint rinse I still could only taste baking soda. This was never a problem for me because I know the benefits, but one must have an acquired taste to endure the flavor.

Spin Clean With No Batteries

Manual toothbrushes have always been my choice because they are cheaper to replace. As far back as I can remember by toothbrush has been changed every two weeks. I always hear my dentist say make sure to keep changing it at least every month, but if I could afford it I would change it everyday. My goal is to remove bacteria from my mouth, not put it back in there with my toothbrush.

Most spinbrush toothbrushes require a battery, but this one is controlled manually. The top head if the spinbrush was my favorite because it is raised and better helps remove stains, plaque, and tartar.


Everyone Noticing Immediate Results

By using all three products simultaneously, the results were as stated in my pamphlet. It said I should see results of a cleaner brighter smile within  five days. My results came immediately from this product, and the price is budget friendly.

Crashing Into Love: “Waves of Love” eBook Review

Beaches are mostly visited during warmer climates, but this season temperatures are rising daily, causing Waves of Love. Although the town is small where the story is set, this does not stop these characters from achieving what they long for the most in life.

download (2)

Where The Story Begins

Sage is a small town coffee shop owner on a beach in Florida. She is in her early 30’s and finds it difficult to find time for anything except running her store. The shop hardly gets any visitors, and sometimes has youngsters who do not have a penny in their pocket stop by for fresh baked goods. One of those youngsters caught Sage’s heart at first glance, but she did not think the romance could be possible. The thief of her heart was 22 year old Derek who was and owned the body of a surfer.

Not An Ordinary Summer

The two find themselves making nice profits during the summer. Sage’s coffee shop is the perfect place for Derek to read his newly published books. He signs the books, people come in to google at his ab-tacular body, buy his books, and buy coffee and baked goods sold in the shop. Sage finds herself surfing for the first time, and love is mingling in the air.

Who Wants The Ending?

To know the ending of this story, you just have to head to Goodreads, or my favorite Amazon Kindle. The book is always at a low cost, and you will find out there is another book in this series. Its amazing how love can show up and last no matter the age, and this book was awesome at illustrating that.

“Where Is My Home?” Terry Treetops Series eBook- Everything Is Better At Home

Whether you believe it or not, children enjoy quality time with their parents. Even smaller children learn from their parents octaves and tones when they are reading to them. Where Is My Home? is one of the many books in the Terry Treetop Series. Surprisingly, Terry wandered from home farther than he could remember, but he meets new friends with mothers who can help him along the way.

Where is My Home?

Good Food, But Not For Me

Terry finds himself wandering far into the forest after chasing a colorful, flittering butterfly.  Once the butterfly disappears Terry realizes how much he misses home, because he becomes hungry. He meets a rabbit, beaver, fawn, and squirrel before gets the food his tummy wants the most. The forest animals were eating only natural products which did not have the flavor Terry seeked.

Habitats And Eating Habits

Children learn a lot from Terry Treetop’s journey. Each animal Terry encountered lived in the forest, but not in a house like his. He visited those who lived on land,  underwater, and in their air.  The parents of his new friends were able to point him in the proper direction, only after making sure he had something they ate regularly, to ease his hunger.

Fun Educational Books For Little Ones

The author responsible for children being excited about their next adventure with Terry Treetop, is Tali Carmi. She created a selection of books for small children who are curious and ready to learn. Her books can be found on Amazon and Goodreads at a fraction of the cost than a walk-in bookstore.

A Battle On Roaring Waters: “The Chase” eBook Review

He was just about halfway to the entrance when he noticed his assailant. A hazy shade approached from the right, which he noticed a few seconds too late. He didn’t even have time to turn his head when he was hit on his right thigh. It was a hard blow. He was hurled four feet away before hitting the ground. Instinctively, as he anticipated a terminal blow of some kind, he reached for the gun that he packed in the small of his back. He wasn’t about to be finished off so easily. He rolled a half a turn on the ground as he pulled out the gun. Swiftly, he pointed the pistol to his right as he cocked the weapon. His finger started squeezing the trigger while his eyes were still searching for the target. –Herzel Frenkel The Chase


Young Avri has no clue of what is in store for him once he sets sails with his crew. He is a skipper, also referred to as captain of the ship, but his experience is not of many years holding this title. Almost as soon as he set sails, the race of his life begins. Avri never expected to be racing a Russian submarine through waters he sailed many times before. Even when he is not on the ship he constantly feels as if someone is about to attack him. Some of the people met along the way have multiple identities, which are not discovered until later chapters. I enjoyed every page of this twenty-five chapter adventure. Anxious to know would Avri be able to fully prevail on his expedition, I did not put the book down until it was completed. Herzel Frenkel definitely found an avid reader who is seeking more books from him, especially if they take me on a water ride like The Chase.

Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates eBook Review

Tales of pirates have opened the imaginations of people who have an urge for adventure. The tales range from a variety of characters like Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean), Jake (Jake and The NeverLand Pirates), or Somali pirates from Captain Phillips. Each of these pirate tales are different, but they have one similarity; adventurous pirates who will never be forgotten like the mateys in Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates.


Ten Authors Writing Fiction

Fictitious characters are those who have been imagined by authors, but can be transformed into reality by the reader. This book provides a variety of pirates (men and women) who set sails for their next treasure. There is not just one author for this book, but ten who are experienced in making imagination become reality.

Pirate Lingo On Deck

Pirates have a diverse language because they all come from different countries, but they have their own lingo as well. The phrases and terms they use are those commonly spoken by sailors. Aye! The terms used compliment their identities, and I recommend using an accent when pronouncing these words. The authors do not define the terms, so before reading these tales, please brush up on pirate terminology.

Ye Be Warned

Every story told in Cutlass: Ten Tales of Pirates is not my favorite, but each allows me to visualize the characters, the story setting, and the smell of the open waters. My favorite tales were written by Douglas Kolacki and Kris Radcliffe, and they both are dark but perilous tales that will shoot chills down your spine.