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Non Jittery Natural Energy Drink Created By HNL

Spending three to four dollars for a canned energy drink will not only cause a person to have jitters, but will also have a diminishing effect on their monthly budgets. It is easier to create a drink at home, a drink in which allows an individual to know exactly what they are putting into their body. Healthy Natural Life (HNL) has the perfect energy drink with a fruity grape flavor that is healthy for the body, made with all natural ingredients, and can be purchased with a free whisk.


Loads Of Sugar

When purchasing an energy drink from any store, the buyer stands the risk of buying a drink that is loaded with sugars and tons of ingredients which have no part obtaining nutritional balance. The sugar gives the drink a delicious taste, but if the sugar is not natural the individual has a chance of ruining their health. HNL crafted a delicious powdered drink mix that has no added sugars, but contains a mix of natural and artificial flavor to accentuate the grape taste. Elimination of artificial sugars from this drink assists in decreasing jitters and crashes from high levels of energy.

Natural Caffeine and Healthy Vitamins

Green coffee bean extract and green tea are the main sources for caffeine in this natural energy drink. Combined the two natural ingredients make up 1450mg in each serving of one scoop and twelve to sixteen ounces of water. The same serving size also offers 250mg of vitamin c, 40mg of vitamin b6, and 1000mcg of vitamin b12. Anyone who tries this drink can only welcome natural health into their life and it comes at a fraction of the cost of buying energy refreshments in a grocery or convenience store.

Start Stirring Today

If a person did not know the correct amount to add to make this drink, or did not have the proper tools for mixing they would miss the essential vitamins and energy this drink supplies. The manufacturer equips the product with a clear scoop for perfect measurement. Along with the scoop, when a person purchases this product they will receive a miniature whisk so the energy powder can easily dissolve without clumping when mixed with water.

An Irresistable Price

The price of canned energy drinks can run a person close to one hundred dollars per week if the person drinks them regularly. The energy drink powder created by HNL is less than thirty dollars if purchased on Amazon. It is not possible to consume the entire powder within a week, which in return adds money to a person bank account so it can be spent on another healthy activity.


Advanced Green Tea Supplement With 5 Amazing Benefits

Healthy living is the goal everyone should seek, but sometimes the body needs an extra natural boost. Advanced Green Tea Extract from ZenWise Labs has a beneficial blend of ingredients to get energy flowing and assist in lowering cholesterol.


Inside The Bottle

Packaging can be as fancy as it wants to be, but its what is inside that matters most. There is no egg, soy, milk, meat, wheat, shellfish, and its gluten free. The capsule itself is crafted from vegetable cellulose.

Active Ingredients In The Capsule

Vitamin C and green tea are the main to natural ingredients for this product. The two combined creates a whirlwind of benefits including weight loss, lower health risk, and increased energy.


Protection Against Free Radicals

Abnormal cells that injure , mutate, and cause illness are called free radicals. The body needs assistance to eliminate the growth of these cells and Vitamin C blended with green tea doubles antioxidant protection.

Perfect Amount Of Energy

Too much energy can cause an unexpected crash, which is unhealthy and could possibly damage nerves. ZenWise Labs uses decaffeinated extract to craft this amazing supplement. A technique as such allows the user to have sustained levels of energy to use exercising or to burn excess fat.

Lower High Cholesterol Risk

Those who do not exercise, eat unhealthy, smoke, or have a large figured body are all at a top riskers for high cholesterol. With this special blend the risk for having a heart attack is lowered by taking one vegan friendly vegetable cellulose capsule twice per day.

Survive Solely On Air and Energy- “A Year Without Food” eBook Review


Life without food is one situation, but without a beverage is a totally different. Its hard to imagine living life free of the two and still have the strength to make it to the next day. A Year Without Food by Rae Maor is about a spiritual journey sought after by the author himself.

Maor did not begin his journey or write this book so others could follow in his path. The journey began so he could place himself on a specific spiritual path. Beginning this type of journey could be difficult for some, but with belief almost anything is possible.

Over a span of eight days Rae Maor only relied upon the energy of the sun, and his surroundings. No food, no water, constant blood checks, and it was all televised. The book explains in depth the spiritual and scientific research the author and doctors both documented.

This is an inexpensive good read for those who seek spiritual and expert education. It is possible for someone to not eat or drink and still have high energy from their natural surroundings.

Drink Organic Suja Essentials: Get Two Free Bottles

Sometimes days can be so hectic causing most people to forget to give themselves the nutrients needed for their body to function normally. If a person does not eat, they will find a way to drink something, and the best drink is one not filled with sugars, but full or organic fruits and vegetables like Suja juices.

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Essential Nutrients & Vitamins

Juices and smoothies made from only natural and organic ingredients. Every flavor is loaded with vegetables and fruits, which will only make the body stronger.Mango Magic is part of the Suja Essentials line.  There are six ingredients used to create this creamy, non dairy, and sugar free refreshment:

  • Apple juice
  • Mango puree
  • Orange juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Banana puree
  • Ginger juice

The ginger offers a unique flavor, which can remind one of the taste of ginger in their favorite snack. Don’t worry about calories because this twelve ounce bottle only had 220 calories of pure goodness. There are ten other flavors to choose from in the essentials line-up, all derived from a unique process.

Crafting A Nutritious Drink

Almost every drink individuals purchase from stores have been filled with artificial flavors, sugars, and pathogens to keep the refreshment fresh and tasty. Suja does not follow this process. Every delicious drop of these juices and smoothies are created through a cold pressure process. This process does not use heat which destroys minerals, enzymes, and vitamins the human body craves.

Reducing Health Risks

Even those who are physically fit need to continuously add nutritious snacks and beverages to their daily diet. The human body works endlessly, and it needs its owners support. Juices and purees of your favorite fruits and veggies make the body stronger.  Remembering the saying,  “An apple per day keeps the doctor away,” will inspire one to try one of the many Suja flavors that has apple as a leading simple ingredient.

Everyone Can Enjoy

Adults are not the only ones who can indulge in the fruitiness; children will enjoy and benefit from this drink as well. It offers more flavor and essential vitamins their little bodies need compared to artificial flavored drinks. They can also learn how good the vegetables they try to avoid really are.

Simple organic and natural ingredients, with no diary makes this a drink both vegan lovers and those allergic to dairy can happily enjoy.

Non-Organic Price

Let’s be honest. People avoid buying natural and organic products because they cost more. Even though they know it’s healthier, they cannot step outside of their budget to drink organic. Suja prices their drinks so everyone can enjoy California freshness. The juices and smoothies can be purchased for under $4 when bought separately, and the company even has daily and weekly diet plans that come at an affordable price.


Become A Superfood Drink Winner 

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Disclaimer: In exchange for a honest unbiased review, I received a free coupon to test this product. I am not receiving payment for the review or coupon giveaway. 

Winners of the Suja Essential BOGO coupon giveaway will have to provide shipping information, which will not be shared with others.

“The Healthy Me Team” Fights For Natural Energy In Every Child

Yummy vitamins and minerals are teamed up in this book for little growing minds. They are fighting against the delicious, but unhealthy sugars and proteins found in candies and ice cream that are desired by children of all ages. They also have to overcome the effects sugars and  proteins have on a little body.

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One minute a child can be bouncing from wall to wall, then the next thing you know they do not having the energy for anything except telling parents how bad their stomach hurts. While other children are continuously playing outside, an unhealthy eating child has to rest, while the strongest of their vitamin and mineral intake are in the middle of a heated battle.

Surprisingly The Healthy Me Team were the winners. One of the broccoli florets or crispy apples the child ate earlier, still had vitamins and minerals to destroy the evil team of sugars and proteins. The fruits and veggies have natural sugars that allow clean and healthy energy.

Children will enjoy this book, because it is a good against bad battle. They will enjoy seeing the good becoming victorious, and will want to know ways to defeat sugars and proteins in their body.  There are multiple illustrations included, and is easy to follow for new readers.

Natural Ingredient Recipes Which Inspire Healthy Living: “Clean Food Diet” eBook Review

Recipe books are always fun to read, and when the recipes within are nutritional and created with natural ingredients individuals can benefit. This book includes recipes for lunch, evening, and dessert. Some recipes include pictures so the chef can have an idea of the finished product, but all of them list the nutritional value of the delicious entree.

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Let’s Talk Benefits

Every product bought as a grocery item is always better when its fresh. Pre-packaged and processed foods have been pumped with synthetics and pathogens.  These processed foods may taste delicious, but they have a terrible effect on the body. Natural fruits, herbs, and vegetables keep the vitamins locked tight inside, unlike foods with pathogens that destroy the goodies stored in foods eaten.

What Does Clean Food Diet Offer?

Are you ready for recipes? If so, this is the right book! There are fifty-two recipes to suit any and every taste bud. Before the author, Jonathan Vine, begins telling you healthy meal secrets, he informs the reader of why clean eating is important. He also informs of the proper way to start this diet, making sure people are physically and mentally ready to make a life change.

Fast Dishes, Low Calories

The bonus if this book is keeping track of what is going inside the body.  Nutritional information is provided for the chef, so they know how many calories, carbs, fat, and protein is in the dish per serving. People who keep track of the calorie intake are less likely to find themselves as health risks.

This book has recipes that look delicious, and from reading this book can only make life better. It is very easy to read, and is an awesome ebook to have stored in your kindle library.