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Non Jittery Natural Energy Drink Created By HNL

Spending three to four dollars for a canned energy drink will not only cause a person to have jitters, but will also have a diminishing effect on their monthly budgets. It is easier to create a drink at home, a drink in which allows an individual to know exactly what they are putting into their body. Healthy Natural Life (HNL) has the perfect energy drink with a fruity grape flavor that is healthy for the body, made with all natural ingredients, and can be purchased with a free whisk.


Loads Of Sugar

When purchasing an energy drink from any store, the buyer stands the risk of buying a drink that is loaded with sugars and tons of ingredients which have no part obtaining nutritional balance. The sugar gives the drink a delicious taste, but if the sugar is not natural the individual has a chance of ruining their health. HNL crafted a delicious powdered drink mix that has no added sugars, but contains a mix of natural and artificial flavor to accentuate the grape taste. Elimination of artificial sugars from this drink assists in decreasing jitters and crashes from high levels of energy.

Natural Caffeine and Healthy Vitamins

Green coffee bean extract and green tea are the main sources for caffeine in this natural energy drink. Combined the two natural ingredients make up 1450mg in each serving of one scoop and twelve to sixteen ounces of water. The same serving size also offers 250mg of vitamin c, 40mg of vitamin b6, and 1000mcg of vitamin b12. Anyone who tries this drink can only welcome natural health into their life and it comes at a fraction of the cost of buying energy refreshments in a grocery or convenience store.

Start Stirring Today

If a person did not know the correct amount to add to make this drink, or did not have the proper tools for mixing they would miss the essential vitamins and energy this drink supplies. The manufacturer equips the product with a clear scoop for perfect measurement. Along with the scoop, when a person purchases this product they will receive a miniature whisk so the energy powder can easily dissolve without clumping when mixed with water.

An Irresistable Price

The price of canned energy drinks can run a person close to one hundred dollars per week if the person drinks them regularly. The energy drink powder created by HNL is less than thirty dollars if purchased on Amazon. It is not possible to consume the entire powder within a week, which in return adds money to a person bank account so it can be spent on another healthy activity.


Lavender Or Peppermint Essential Oils For The Home And Body

Essential oils are used to treat assist in alleviating health issues and also to give the home a distinct fragrance. The oils can be found in a variety of aromas and they are created when the oils are extracted from natural plants. There are many companies who create essential oils, but not all companies create 100% pure essential oils like InstaNatural makes their essential oils.


Who Is InstaNatural?

The company behind these wonderful smelling essential oils that offer multiple benefits is located in the sunny state of Florida. They are dedicated in producing natural and organic skin and home care products. None of the products created by this company have harmful substances such as parabans, alcohol, and sulfates. The best part about the essential oils is each one is extracted from one single ingredient. InstaNatural stands by their products and offer a lifetime 100% guarantee to each of their customers.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Mentha Piperita herbs are used to extract the beneficial oils needed to craft this product. To preserve the freshness of the oils,  InstaNatural uses a steam distilled process. Peppermint essential oil has an abundance of uses. This product can be used to open sinuses, freshen the home, or a few drops can be used in bath water to relieve body aches. During the warmer seasons this oil can also be used as a bug repellant by simply adding a few drops around the outside of the home, or completely diluting the oil and using it as a spray.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavendula Officinalis is the plant used to make the sweet floral smelling lavender essential oil. This oil has just as many uses as the peppermint oil, but the smells are totally opposite. The peppermint oil offers energy, while the lavender is specifically made to calm and relax. The lavender oil is perfect for new mothers who have a difficult time getting their baby to sleep, the best way to get them to sleep peacefully through the night is to add a drop or two in their window sills.


More Than Aromatherapy

Most people will use the essential oils just to make their home have a natural smell, but do not know the other benefits of using them. If the oil is used for anything other than aromatherapy it must be properly diluted so it does not cause harm to ones skin.

Special Promo: Heal Skin Naturally With Two InstaNatural Gel’s

Repairing the skin at one point would cause people to have to dip into their savings. Those who spend the money know how they want to appear to themselves and others no matter the cost or risks. Skin repair can be done naturally, risks are decreased when InstaNatural products are applied, and they can be purchased at a discounted price.


Who Is InstaNatural?

A company who has established itself based upon natural ingredients found on Earth. They collaborate daily to find new ways to improve everyone health with any harsh chemicals. Nourishing the body with everything missing is InstaNatural’s goal.


Removal Of Old And New Scars

Advanced Repair Scar Gel has thirteen active natural ingredients. The gel itself is greenish brown in color, and has a sticky, but moisturizing feel. Thirty-five dollars will be well spent on this one ounce bottle that speeds up the healing process to diminish scars that destroy one’s appearance. The amount of time it takes for the scar to disappear depends on the age and size. Only a pea size amount of the green tea smelling gel should be used twice per day.


Youthful Face Achieved Naturally

If aging is a serious problem, and it seems like the cosmetic surgeon is causing too many trips to the ATM, there is a better solution. Youth Express Eye Gel can be used on the entire face and neck, and is safe for sensitive skin. Some ingredients packed inside the 1.7 fluid ounce bottle include hyaluronic acid, amino acid complex, and plant stem cells. The product label instructs to use the product once in the morning and night for best results. Those who wear makeup still can benefit, because after the $19.95 solution dries makeup can immediately be applied. Wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles will disappear leaving skin feeling soft and reflecting youth.

Three Unbeatable Promotions With Codes

Buying one product at a low price saves a few dollars, but at the InstaNatural Store on Amazon shoppers who buy two, three, or four qualifying products save more. Those who buy two products can save an additional 5% with code QWRXPLFN, three products saves an additional 10% with code B5W2TSL7, and code KE7DC425 can be used at checkout when four products are purchased and saves 15%.

Happy Skin And Bank Account

The natural ingredients used in both of these gels are crafted together to develop healthy looking and feeling skin. The products come at a low cost, and the more items purchased the more shoppers can save in their accounts.

Kitchen Duties Appear Effortless With ShoppeWave’s Julienne Peeler & Slicer

Everyone I know dreads heading into the kitchen to prepare unpackaged meals because it takes extremely too much time. They have to peel, cut, and slice all natural ingredients used. The dual julienne peeler and slicer ends the instant headache, which arrives when a person begins thinking about creating a wholesome snack or meal.


Dual Sided For Multiple Tasks

Shopping has to be thought out in order for a person to benefit from their purchase, even when buying kitchen utensils. A two sided tool with blades is always better than having to search for multiple tools. One bladed side is a vegetable peeler, which makes removing acidic skins of fruits and vegetables a breeze. The second side of the utensil is the famous julienne peeler, which cuts any fruit or vegetable into evenly proportionate slices.

Remove Bruises Or Get Fancy

When produce has not been handled properly the products can easily bruise and can make tasks in the kitchen more difficult. With this tool you no longer have to keep digging and cutting out imperfections with a knife. There is a sharp eyer on both sides to easily remove imperfections without grabbing another tool from the kitchen drawer. The eyers are different sizes, and can be used to create fancy fruit designs.

Fast & Easy To Use

The amount of time an individual spends in the kitchen preparing meals will shorten drastically with a stroke of the julienne peeler and slicer. Made with stainless steel for a sleek, but sophisticated look in your kitchen, and it fits comfortably in the grasp of your hand. Cleaning is easy as well, just put it in the dishwasher and press start.

ShoppeWave makes peeling and slicing easier by adding a free gift. Anyone who buys this product from Amazon receives a free veggie recipe ebook. With this book, the healthy meals that were once a hassle to make can now be created in a short amount of time.


Affordable With A Warranty

Experience proves, as soon a a products warranty has ended the product fails. This goes for everything that is expensive or low cost. ShoppeWave’s Julienne Peeler & Slicer is under ten dollars, and includes a lifetime warranty. This is an amazing buy. The buyer wins when they receive four kitchen tools compressed into one with comfort, low cost ,  style,  an ebook, and lifetime warranty.

Truly Radiant From Arm & Hammer Gives More Of A Reason To Smile

Trying a different toothpaste brand can be difficult, especially if you have been accustomed to one particular brand for a number of years. I review free products from Smiley360 , in exchange for testing and an honest opinion; they sent a brand I had not tried in ten year. Arm & Hammer created their Truly Radiant line to assist in cleaning, whitening, and strengthening a person’s entire smile, and I have more positive than negative results.


Ingredients Fighting & Quick Results

Foods that are consumed on a daily basis are the cause of the problems associated with our mouths. Bacteria continues to grow in the mouth when people do not brush properly, often, or because they are not using the right products. Fluoride and baking soda are the two ingredients that make Truly Radiant shine. Baking soda is only used in the toothpaste, but fluoride is used in the mouth rinse.

Tastebuds Noticing The Difference

The flavored toothpaste was not my favorite taste, but my mouth did feel cleaner than with my original toothpaste. The baking soda flavor is very strong, and lasts for 3 hours. Even with the tasty soothing mint rinse I still could only taste baking soda. This was never a problem for me because I know the benefits, but one must have an acquired taste to endure the flavor.

Spin Clean With No Batteries

Manual toothbrushes have always been my choice because they are cheaper to replace. As far back as I can remember by toothbrush has been changed every two weeks. I always hear my dentist say make sure to keep changing it at least every month, but if I could afford it I would change it everyday. My goal is to remove bacteria from my mouth, not put it back in there with my toothbrush.

Most spinbrush toothbrushes require a battery, but this one is controlled manually. The top head if the spinbrush was my favorite because it is raised and better helps remove stains, plaque, and tartar.


Everyone Noticing Immediate Results

By using all three products simultaneously, the results were as stated in my pamphlet. It said I should see results of a cleaner brighter smile within  five days. My results came immediately from this product, and the price is budget friendly.

Whiskey Rounders Transforms Ice Making and Simplifies Rounded Baking

Who made the rule that ice has to be made in a cubed tray? The designer of the ice tray is a genius, but in the 21st century people want their ice  to be unique and make a statement. Receiving Whiskey Rounders ice molds helped me escape the usual and turned my refreshments into a artistically displayed beverage.


Why The Name Whiskey Rounders?

Everyone who drinks liquor does not like their alcoholic drink straight. Personally, I like my drinks on the rocks, and majority of the time with chaser. Those who drink straight liquor often choose straight because they do not want a watered down beverage. The round ice mold outlasts any traditional ice cubes, so the drinker can continuously enjoy the flavor of their drink. We all know that liquor does not freeze and will melt ice immediately, but I have tested this product. It works!


More Than Whiskey Ice Spheres

Made with BPA Free FDA Food Grade Silicone, these sphere molds can do more than just sit inside of the freezer. They can be used to make scrumptious desserts like cake or jello balls. Just remember, placing them in heated areas above 460° Fahrenheit will cause them to melt. Silicone used to make this product is soft and flimsy, so when using in the oven be sure to have a non silicone baking sheet underneath for extra protection.

Steps To Make Ice Balls

If directions provided by Whiskey Rounders are followed properly, clear and perfectly rounded ice spheres can be created. There are seven parts to this molding tray; the bottom tray itself and six silicone molding lids. Each lid must be placed on top of the tray making sure to insert six little notches in place. Once the molds are completely together, a favorite beverage (non-alcoholic) can be poured into the top hole until the designated fill line has been reached. Regardless if fruits or garnishes have been added, the fill line will remain the same. Lift the tray from the bottom, place it in the freezer, double check to ensure notches are secure, and freeze for about five hours.

Viola! Rounded Ice

The rounded ice straight from the freezer can be difficult to remove from the molds. Waiting at least five minutes will allow the ice to thaw for effortless removal. When family and friends come over they will be amazed by their artsy drink, and will want tips on how they can make their own. Amazon was were mine came from, and I tell everyone if they choose to buy Whiskey Rounders do not look at the price, but the quality of a product with multiple uses.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Transforms Again: Spreading To A Kitchen Near You

Who ever knew one of the world’s favorite chocolate and peanut butter mix would transform the way we snack again? Reese’s Spreads is in a jar no bigger than thirteen ounces, can be eaten straight from their jar, and can be used to make scrumptious desserts.

Zai's Reese's Spreads creation
Zai’s Reese’s Spreads creation

Decades Of Chocolate And Peanut Butter

Although chocolate has been loved by people for centuries, Reese’s peanut butter cups were not stopping chocolate cravings until the late 1920’s. When H.B. Reese realized the product he created, he stopped the production of all his other candies and focused on the one whose orange and yellow packaging would stay stocked in every homes snack pantry.

Moving From The Cup To A Jar

The peanut butter cup journey , has been extremely long for Reese’s, but this tasty treat has continued to be a top seller, even with a family of twelve. The latest edition to the family is a taste bud satisfying, peanut buttery, chocolatey spread which can only be purchased in a jar (goodbye to endless candy wrappers). The downside to having a favorite spread in a jar is everyone will want to have a dip; but who really wants to share?

Peanut Butter Chocolate And…

Yes, it is time to mix things up, and turn your two favorite snacks into one favorite. Reese’s Spreads has a smooth texture, and can be eaten on any snacking product imaginable. Bacon, pears, and pretzels are only three  new found ways to enjoy the indulgent flavor of Reese’s, and even more ideas can be found by following #ReesesSpreads.

Baked, Hot, & Sweet To The Last Drop

A true baker has used peanut butter at least once in their life to create a hot, delicious smelling and tasting dessert. If the recipe included chocolate, they had to melt the morsels down to the desired texture. Not anymore! Thanks to Mr.Reese and Mr. Hershey, those extra minutes spent in the kitchen melting, mixing, and folding can now be used for relaxation. Suggestions for baking include cupcakes, cookies, cheesecake, or your favorite peanut butter and chocolate baked good.


I received this VoxBox for free in exchange for a honest review.

Stop Buying Teething Rings And Switch To Amber

For ages people have been buying all types of teething rings to ease their child’s pain. There are rings that must be frozen first, then there are others the child can chew on anytime. The problem is, there are so many germs everywhere, so do you really want your child to put a teething ring in their mouth that has been dropped on the floor several times.

To avoid your baby ingesting germs in their tiny systems, try an amber teething necklace. I tried this necklace on my nephew while he was teething, and his mother was very pleased with the results. She did not have to continuously wash a teething ring, and his crying from the pain became minimal.

So what is in these beads that keeps the baby from crying? Amber is fossilized resin that originated form extinct coniferous trees. The resin is hard, lightweight, and is yellowish brown or brown. Amber is said to have anti-inflammatory properties to reduce fever, pain, and drooling for teething infants.


You heard right! “Reduce fever, pain, and drooling,” so this means the parent will still have to give their child pain relievers during the first few days. Also, many children are not used to wearing necklaces, which means during the first the 3-4 days the parent may have to monitor the child to ensure he/she is not trying to take the necklace of and place it inside of their mouth.

Teething rings can get expensive, because parents are constantly buying new ones every time their child starts teething. The money saved buying this necklace, will allow the parent to buy the child a new toy or take them on a vacation.

Like I mentioned earlier my nephew tried the necklace, which means it is unisex. The prices can vary from $10-$40, but the money will be well spent on a product which is natural and germ free for your baby.

Their Is A New Deodorant That Allows You To #DoMore

When I received my first VoxBox their was amazement in my eyes. Honestly, I never expected it to come, but Influenster showed me, the both of us can #DoMore than we imagined.

The deodorant has a light smell that I have enjoyed using. Normally solid deodorant is not something that I use, but this one does not leave any marks on my clothes or those tiny deodorant balls everyone hates.

Best of all this Motion Sense lasts for 48 hours! Amazing right! #DoMore So everyone knows baths are taken over here regularly, but this deodorant helps keep me dry during Zumba and Yoga.

Thanks Influenster and Degree for sending me this product to test and review, hopefully their will be more to come! do more