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“Abigail And The Tropical Island Adventure” Teaches Children To Open Their Imagination And Explore

There are not many children book authors that can write to educate children, and also show them how to have fun. Tali Carmi is an author who provides both to her readers with illustrations that help children identify exactly what they are reading about. Abigail is an imaginative red-haired little girl who knows how to turn a boring day into one that is filled with fun and knowledge.

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What Can a Rainy Day Lead to?

Everyone knows that rainy days seem to take the fun out of a person, especially a child. They want to go outside and play, but the weather does not allow them to participate in outside activities. Abigail experiences one of those rainy days, and began to think about places where it does not ever rain, in Abigail And The Tropical Island Adventure

A Magical Bicycle

Most children are not yet capable to drive cars, so their best means of transportation is their imagination and a bike. Abigail has both, and her bike is one that she cherishes since she found it in her grandparents garage. Her grandfather was an inventor who was able to pass a large amount of his knowledge to her, which makes it easier for her to explore places her imagination takes her.

An Island With A Different Culture

The island where Abigail finds herself is filled with adventure and new objects she never heard of before. She was able to learn about the creatures of the sea, and the different types of foods that islanders eat that come from the ocean. Even the clothes worn are different, but they are suitable for the climate and culture of the tropical islanders.

Helping Others Equals Success

Abigail dodged the rainy weather at her home, and barely missed the horrible storm that caused power outages at the tropical island. The power outages almost caused Abigail’s new friend Lelei to not enjoy the festivities her friends and family planned for her birthday. Luckily, the bicycle that Abigail found in the garage had pedals that were ready to turn, and she was able to save the party by restoring the electricity.


“The Healthy Me Team” Fights For Natural Energy In Every Child

Yummy vitamins and minerals are teamed up in this book for little growing minds. They are fighting against the delicious, but unhealthy sugars and proteins found in candies and ice cream that are desired by children of all ages. They also have to overcome the effects sugars and  proteins have on a little body.

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One minute a child can be bouncing from wall to wall, then the next thing you know they do not having the energy for anything except telling parents how bad their stomach hurts. While other children are continuously playing outside, an unhealthy eating child has to rest, while the strongest of their vitamin and mineral intake are in the middle of a heated battle.

Surprisingly The Healthy Me Team were the winners. One of the broccoli florets or crispy apples the child ate earlier, still had vitamins and minerals to destroy the evil team of sugars and proteins. The fruits and veggies have natural sugars that allow clean and healthy energy.

Children will enjoy this book, because it is a good against bad battle. They will enjoy seeing the good becoming victorious, and will want to know ways to defeat sugars and proteins in their body.  There are multiple illustrations included, and is easy to follow for new readers.

“Where Is My Home?” Terry Treetops Series eBook- Everything Is Better At Home

Whether you believe it or not, children enjoy quality time with their parents. Even smaller children learn from their parents octaves and tones when they are reading to them. Where Is My Home? is one of the many books in the Terry Treetop Series. Surprisingly, Terry wandered from home farther than he could remember, but he meets new friends with mothers who can help him along the way.

Where is My Home?

Good Food, But Not For Me

Terry finds himself wandering far into the forest after chasing a colorful, flittering butterfly.  Once the butterfly disappears Terry realizes how much he misses home, because he becomes hungry. He meets a rabbit, beaver, fawn, and squirrel before gets the food his tummy wants the most. The forest animals were eating only natural products which did not have the flavor Terry seeked.

Habitats And Eating Habits

Children learn a lot from Terry Treetop’s journey. Each animal Terry encountered lived in the forest, but not in a house like his. He visited those who lived on land,  underwater, and in their air.  The parents of his new friends were able to point him in the proper direction, only after making sure he had something they ate regularly, to ease his hunger.

Fun Educational Books For Little Ones

The author responsible for children being excited about their next adventure with Terry Treetop, is Tali Carmi. She created a selection of books for small children who are curious and ready to learn. Her books can be found on Amazon and Goodreads at a fraction of the cost than a walk-in bookstore.