Considering Naturalico To Blast Unwanted Fat

Training for an athletic event or just wanting to lose weight are two reasons to consider Naturalico. They created a speed jump rope to trim the extra fat on any and every body. Crafted with strong wire cables it will allow easy fitness goal achievements for a healthy you.


Designed With Cables & Metal

Trimming fat is not easy with a jump rope that was used in elementary school. Those were old school ropes that drooped from the handles, and did not offer a 90° turn. Naturalico uses a ten foot wire cable, and four metal ball bearings to craft this product. With this design any user can adjust the rope to their desired length to jump faster.

Beginners & Experts Benefit

Losing and maintaining weight is an important factor to people living a healthy life. This jump rope is ridiculously simple to use, alleviating stress on beginners trying to lose weight after not jumping rope since their younger years. Experts are those who use jumping cables as a part of their daily or weekly routine for professional or personal training purposes.


Single, Double, Then Triple Under

Basic jump rope technique is when the user jumps over the cable once when it inches closer to their feet. Advancing to a double under takes a bit more coordination of hands and feet.Triple unders are very difficult to execute, but with the light weight and speed of this jump rope it will become easier with a lot of practice.

Storage Is Untangled

When ropes and cables are not put away properly, they tend to get twisted, knotted, or tangled. This is not the ending result with a Naturalico jumping cable. The wire the rope is made from can unravel once it has been cut for adjustment, but if end caps are placed back on this will put an end to unraveling. Naturalico provides a small carry bag so the jump rope can be put away easily with no tangling, and can be taken anywhere.


Under $20 For Professionalism

There is no need to fret the phrase professional product when you are a consumer. Not all of these products have a professional price tag. This jump rope is not crafted from soft cheap materials, but instead sturdy, dependable, and adjustable materials. The price should be higher, but if that occurred several would miss their chance to add longevity to their healthy life.


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